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I just wanna put it out there that coming into the realm of Tumblr RP had me really wary of OCs, but I’m finding that I have yet to run into one that I don’t like. 



       ”Oh, will you, really?” asked Kailan, feigning
       a happy expression though it was evident that
       she wouldn’t like that. Her eyes shot a glare at
       Dean’s wink, but she couldn’t beat the smile
       that grew on her features. “Do you want a six
       pack, Dean? Will that make you happy after
       crappy porn? Cause if so, I got money, you
       got legs, we can get some.”

       ”A six pack makes everybody happy. Especially after crappy porn,” Dean replied matter-of-factly. “I got better than legs; I got a ride. She’s real sexy, too.” He had been gunning for Kailan to make the journey to the liquor store with him, as to keep her from doing more secret stuff. In this line of work, the less secret dealings going on behind a partner’s back, the better. “I’m not totally opposed to givin’ rides the whole way.” 

       With that, Dean turned around and squatted, holding his arms out behind him in some kind of improvised yoga-stance. 

       ”You gonna hop on sometime this century?” 




Sam let out a long sign. “Dean, you actually do have all day.” He shook his head. He handed him a glass of milk. “Just take them, then you can have your pie.” Sam always took on the mother role for Dean. Making sure he somewhat ate rigth, and somewhat had clean clothes and money.

"Give ‘em here," Dean said, snatching a the pills off of the table. 

He took a moment to wrinkle his nose at the fish oil capsule, but popped it in his mouth along with the multivitamin. A toss of the head and the pills went shooting down his throat, and he didn’t need to waste a drop of precious milk on anything but the pie. 

"What kinda pie did ya get me?" he asked, his green eyes laser-focused on his brother, akin to a puppy eagerly awaiting prime table scraps. 


That’s when there was three shots from a gun, Laurel luckily had a bungee rope on her and came sailing down, her gun was leveled, all shots went into the the creature. “What the hell…” was Laurel right, this made no sense, these…things were hideous.  

She brought out her stun gun, with her voice distorted she yelled out for Dean to duck, pointing her gun at the creature, hoping to stun it enough for he could kill the damn thing.

       Dean jumped at the sound of gunshots that ricocheted around the warehouse. His first instinct was to turn on the one with the gun and deal with her first, as she could have been foe for all he knew, but he dropped instantly upon command; you just don’t question it when somebody with a gun pointed at a baddie tells you to get out of the way. 

       He watched the creature’s pallid flesh begin to boil with the high voltage. It only took one clean hack with the machete and its head landed on the floor with a dense thud. He whirled about, with a fresh splatter of oily black blood decorating his chest and face, to see that the monster with gunshot wounds had shifted into a black boar and was limping away. “Get that son of a bitch!” he shouted, scrambling after the creature. 


"I’m more into wine, but like grey goose from time to time," she told him, "music….rock, but kind of stuck on Fall Out Boys from college days." Laurel never really told anyone that, but she chuckled, "but old rock…I guess i would stick to." The last question made her raise a brow, "that’s not something you should ask a lady, but no…I’m not all that into casual sex, I respect myself too much."


       ”There’s a difference between casual sex n’ just tossin’ open your legs for anybody, Laurel,” he said. There were too many women wrongfully getting called sluts for having a good time, and the assholes doing the finger pointing were ruining it for everybody.”You can still be respectable if ya decided to have a little fun. Just sayin’. Hell, I have fun all the time and I’m respectable.” 


Shoulders squared. Arms tensed. His back straightened and he stepped forward again. This time he couldn’t hide the little shudder that ran down his arm. This was- This was a whole new level of weird. Gritting his teeth, the young man bared his teeth before dragging a shuddering breath into his lungs. And then he began to growl, low and quiet. Possibly the only sound he could make with a waver.

"That’s bullshit. That’s absolute crap. That can’t be true."

"It’s not possible. It can’t be freaking true."

The knife shook again and he narrowed his eyes, glaring down at that damned blade. It wasn’t supposed to wiggle. It was meant to be strong. It was meant to be threatening. It wasn’t supposed to make him look weak, Damn it. With a shake of his head, Dean finally managed to peel his eyes away from the weapon and then he looked up at his apparent older self. Or whatever.

"Dude. You couldn’t woop my ass. I can hold my own. Hell- I’ve been able to hold my own since I was freaking ten. Now how about you stop lying and tell me who you really are."

      “Oh, I can’t whoop your ass?” he posed casually, eyeing the fuming 18-year-old. “How about you stop spending all your time getting pissed at me and go about this a little smarter, huh? ‘Cause if I am tellin’ the truth, then I’ve been able to hold my own since was ten, too, and I got a few years on ya.” 

       He searched Dean’s eyes. There was every reason for the boy not to believe him, but there had to be something he could say to prove that they really were the same person. “You remember that hunting trip that Bobby took you and Sam on? After you got out of that boys’ home?” he asked, hopeful. “You shot a deer, and it was the worst goddamn feeling of your life because the thing was so innocent…but the venison jerky turned out real good.” 

       ”Or how about that chick from…Well, it had to be last year for you,” Dean said, raising his eyebrows. “Janitor’s closet every geometry class. You always had the lights off, but uh, when you had ‘em on…” he smirked. “You saw she had a pretty, uh…cool piercing.” 

       ”You believe me yet, or am I still gonna have to rough you up some?” 



      Sam sighed. Sadly, Dean was right. Everything wanted to fuck with the Winchester brothers, and it didn’t seem like anything was going to change that.


       ”And if fire doesn’t work? We don’t need to piss it off anymore than we already have.” The last thing they needed was a flaming bitch angrily chasing after them.

      “What else is gonna work if fire doesn’t?” Dean retorted, rubbing his face with calloused hands. “At least we’ll get a light show outta all of this if it turns out that fire’s a bust, too.” He tried not to grin, because it wasn’t funny…But it totally was. 

       ”I say we torch the creep and run like hell if it doesn’t work. Or, y’know what, let’s hang the thing by the ankle, light ‘im up, and if he ain’t dead by then we can try…Somethin’ else. I dunno. Voodoo? Sacrifice? Summon a Leviathan from Purgatory to eat it?” He was grasping at straws, but he wasn’t looking forward to holing up in a motel room. 



      Kailan shut her eyes and groaned
      in disgust at Dean’s comment 
      regarding what was to come up in
      the little porno he was watching.
                            “    Yum.”
      His following question shook her
      away from that thought, thank god.
      “Out,” she said, shrugging off her
      jacket and setting it on her small,
      extra large motel twin bed. Facing
      Dean, she crossed her and and 
      grinned at Dean. “Though, I’m
      surprised you even noticed that I
      was gone considering your tastes
      of watching TV.”


       ”I’ll text ya a video clip next time you’re out, since you’re so into it,” Dean said, unable to keep a smart-ass smirk from crawling onto his face. 

      “Well, if you’re gonna be all secretive about it…You at least grab some grub on your way back?” he asked. His chartreuse eyes looked about her trail and then her person for any signs of a takeout bag. “Aw, c’mon, not even a six pack?” 


Sam sighed. “Eat three and you can have pie. Just three. And take your vitamins.” 

      “I’ll have pie whenever I damn well please, mother,” Dean shot back, shoveling the mush down his throat, anyway — without tasting it. He belched and searched the table for the little pills that his brother seemed to enjoy taking. “Where are these vitamins? I don’t got all day, I got some pie to eat.”